We Are Disposable, YEAH!

This is a nice little idea that I stumbled upon on Twitter via Yeah Magazine. Disposable Perspectives and YEAH Magazine have come together to crowd source a photography book made up of images taken by the public with only film cameras. The collaboration was born out of the fact that Disposable Perspectives is a creative grass roots art project trying to bring film photography back to the forefront of creativity and YEAH Magazine represents the epitome of creative and production talent, so the two go very nicely together.

Like many crowd sourced ideas, the book has an incentive behind it. As well as getting the opportunity to have your images published in a book that hopes to evoke, inspire and engage you also have the chance of winning some cool prizes such as a Lomo Diana Mini medium format film camera and 5 x 1 year subscriptions to YEAH Magazine. The images judged as the best will be published and of those, prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc etc. As stated on the We Are Disposable YEAH site there isn’t a theme but the more wild and imaginative the concept the better. Check out the the latest contributions for some inspiration. The competition closes on the 30th September so I recommend that you get your skates on if you want to get involved. I know I’ll be uploaded some of my recent 35mm work.

My only criticism of the competition is that it would’ve been nice to have the crowd vote for the winning images or help select a shortlist as opposed to a panel of judges having total control. I guess this is something that could be considered for any future projects. Other than that I think it’s a great initiative as I’m a HUGE fan of film cameras (I only upgraded to a DSLR a few months back!) and having a variety of crazy concepts from amateur photographers in one book is always a great thing. I look forward to seeing the final copy!

So will you be entering for a chance to get your work acknowledged and if so what concepts do you think would stand a chance of winning a spot in the We Are Disposable, YEAH book? Let us know your thoughts.

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    I really appreciate what you write about here. We try and read your blog every day so keep up the good articles!

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    Thanks for the info

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