A Day With The Capture Collective

Over the weekend I met up with a friend of mine @Damola and made some new photographer friends at what is known as The Capture Collective. It takes place once a month (mainly in London) and is essentially a type of Meetup group that partake in freestyle photography. A concept is set by the founder of the group (Damola Timeyin) and everyone has an hour to go off and take the most creative and unique shots they can get in relation to the theme. Once the hour is over, everyone heads back to the local coffee shop and circulates their interpretations of the concept amongst the group. The most popular shots are then uploaded to The Capture Collective Flickr group and Facebook page. This month’s location was Canary Wharf and the theme “Isolation” was very well suited as it was a desolate and eerie Sunday at the Wharf.

All in all I had a great time, met some interesting people and got a chance to practice my photographic skills (it’s been a while!). The next Capture Collective is taking place at the end of October so if you’re interested in meeting some very nice enthusiastic photographers that aren’t weird and creepy (e.g. Seymour Parrish – Robin Williams – from 1 Hour Photo) then join the Facebook page which is where the next location will be revealed.

Also, if you’re located Stateside (NYC to be precise) The Capture Collective will be hosting a unique photofreestyle in the big apple on the 6th November!

For the time being here are some of the shots taken on Sunday. Let us know in the comments which you think are the best representations of the theme – Isolation.

(Click image to enlarge)

Images Courtesy of Damola Timeyin

Images Courtesy of Ibi Brookes

Images Courtesy of Jason Fashade

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3 Responses to A Day With The Capture Collective

  1. eastlandgrl says:

    interesting, thanks

  2. ilkut says:

    I missed this! Nice caps!

  3. fdnj says:

    Nice topic – respect !

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