SneakersnStuff x Milkcrate NB577 Launch at Foot Patrol

We got the chance to join the guys at Foot Patrol for the launch of the latest release from the recently crowned “Kings of collabs” SneakersnStuff, and New Balance. This time the multi-talented DJ, producer, designer and founder of Milkcrate - Aaron LaCrate - got in on the action.

The trainer in the spot light, is yet again the New Balance 577, famously manufactured right here in the United Kingdom.

Both the SneakersnStuff & Milkcrate interpretations of the trainer are great representations of their respective styles. The SneakersnStuff shoe is clean with subtle grey tones, creating a great staple shoe. In contrast the Milkcrate trainer encapsulates all the loud colours that Milkcrate are famous for, creating more of a statement shoe.

The launch took place last week in the London store in Soho. Here are some of the snaps that we got on the night.

Thanks to Foot Patrol for hosting the evening with free beers and good tunes. Both styles are now available in store for £135, however we recommend you get there quick as these won’t stick around long.

We also managed to get hold of this cool short video on how the collaboration came about and the inspiration for the guys at SneakersnStuff and Aaron LaCrate. Enjoy!

We’re a fan of both designs but think the Milkcrates are more up our street with the bright summer colours. Which are more your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments.

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