China’s Mobile Figures at Your Fingertips – Animated Infographic

The guys at Tech in Asia put us onto this well crafted but yet insightful animated infographic on the exponential growth of the mobile and smartphone market in China. The animation was created by the ad agency GroupM APAC but doesn’t state the source or means used to acquire the data so we’re guessing it’s the result of their own independent research.

Below are 5 key take outs that we got from the animation:

1. In 2011, mobile internet users in China topped 360 million – approximately 6 times the size of the UK’s population

2. In 2011, 1.6 billion mobile phones were sold globally, 45% of these were sold to the Chinese

3. 1/4 of all Angry birds downloads took place in China (2011)

4. In 2011, mobile e-commerce in China was worth RMB11billion (approximately £1.1billion)

5. 38% of Chinese smartphone users spend more than 5 hours a day on their phones

These are all pretty impressive numbers and should reinforce the importance of mobile to businesses and brands that are targeting the largest market in Asia. With the number of mobile internet users forecasted to overtake that of the desktop (by 2015), businesses must be prepared for this transition in order to maintain a competitive edge and to remain relevant amongst their customers.

If you have any thoughts on the animation or the mobile landscape in China, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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