China’s Social Media Revolution

Recently I’ve been fascinated by the huge amount of media coverage focused on China. It tends to surround it’s ever expanding economy and the fact that the Chinese have enough buying power to rescue the American and European economy – though highly unlikely.

More to the point, as the Chinese economy grows so does the level of internet usage. But with the great Firewall of China – barring western websites and social networks such as YouTube & Twitter – the citizens of the most populous country in the world have had to resort to creating their own platforms to meet their social networking needs. And with over a billion residents it’s no surprise that these new platforms are growing twice as fast as their western predecessors. But is that all there is to it or is there another reason why our East Asian counterparts are so drawn to sharing and communicating with each other via the interwebs.

I came across this infographic today and thought it made some interesting points in regards to this very topic so thought I’d share it.

The two things that stick out for me when looking at this sudden growth is the underlying mistrust of government-controlled media & China’s internet generation of one child families.

It’s incredible to think that in 2010 1 million articles were censored from the Chinese people each day. Without a doubt this is going to impact how the public view the government and the media hence their search to consume content via other channels i.e. from one and other and outsiders.

Also, if there’s any accuracy in the assumption that having no siblings impacts your desire to use social media, then this rapid rate of adoption isn’t likely to slow any time soon as the one-child per family law is set to be in place until 2020 at the least.

So do we think this fast increasing number of social network users is going to have any impact on the actions of the Chinese government or will the Great Firewall stand strong until it is forced down by an Arab spring like movement by the new internet generation? If so how long will it take until the people have had enough? In my opinion the latter is a great risk for the Chinese government as this social media revolution doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

All in all it’s a pretty cool graphic, we picked it up via WallBlog but aren’t sure who designed it. If you’re the barer of this knowledge then please let us know so that we can give them their props.

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An Average Day On Facebook – Infographic

The problem with large research reports is the issue of presenting your findings in a compelling way, avoiding being a boring data geek. This is where my love for infographics stems from.

The Pew Research Center recently carried out a study on the usage of social media platforms in the US, which – as you could imagine – would have amassed a huge volume of data. Lucky for them creative agency Jess3 took a chunk of the Facebook specific data and created a nice infographic, allowing those not obsessed with data to easily draw out insights.

And here it is:

Great work on this one by Jess3 but not 100% sure about the data. It’s interesting to see that the age of the average user has gone up to 38 from 33 and that users are more likely to comment on someone else’s post than make an update themselves.

One thing in particular that sticks out for me is, apparently the average Facebook user in the US has 229 friends – which is great – however the data also states that 8% of these friends are part of the user’s immediate family. Therefore, if my calculations are correct, the average American on Facebook has an immediate family of at least 18 people.

Like I said, great visualisation but the data seems questionable.

Thoughts? Drop them in the comments below.

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These Things Always Happen in 3′s


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Jamie XX Debut Solo Single – Far Nearer

One of the UK’s most influential DJ/producers Jamie XX released his first solo single yesterday and we love it. The single entitled “Far Nearer” is certainly one for the summer with it’s melodic sounds of the steel drum and “I feel better when I have you near me” vocal sample, work beautifully together. This is definitely one we expect to hear several times at carnivals and festivals this summer.

The track is pressed on a 12″ vinyl with the track “Beat For” on it’s B-side. Rumours are that both tracks have existed for some time now but with The XX’s recent series of banging collaborations (the remix album with the late, great Gil Scott-Heron to say the least) have delayed proceedings until this month.

Have a listen to both tracks below and let us know which you prefer, “Far Nearer” with it’s carnival-ready sound or “Beat For” with a slightly dark but uplifting riff. Let us know after the jump.

Jamie xx – Far Nearer (limited vinyl & download out now – by Numbers

You can catch the man himself on Rinse FM this evening (Tuesday, 7 June) at 11pm-1am.

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